Blog, location, black & white, sole person by lake bank, sunlight through trees, personal

Black & white seems to add emphasis to the subject. Strong sunlight picks out a sole individual on walk during lockdown and adds contrast to the image with a lengthening tree shadows in the foreground. The person has the lake side to themselves on this sunny afternoon.

Blog, location, places, personal, lake, duck, early morning, sunrise

On a very, very quiet Eastet day morning walk before sunrise, with so few people about for a number of reasons, nature carries on regardless and this duck seemed to perform on que and gave me a sword in the lake impression on a very calm pond.

Posted: April 2020
Location,personal, seascape, sand, blowing, across, huge, beach

Sand being blown across a huge beach at low tide like a gritty mist. A strange sensation, the beach is alive and moving around you. You are a welcome guest but be mindful as the nature of the beach and tide make no allowances for the unwatchful.


Posted: February 2018